Last Updated: 12/15/2020

How to Buy Symbol (XYM) | Beginner's Guide

NEM was developed by a vibrant community on Bitcointalk and launched in the spring of 2015 under the banner "New Economy Movement". Symbol is a rebirth of the NEM enterprise blockchain, building on the best of its features and making NEM 2.0. The core token for the Symbol platform is XYM.

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For a deep dive into Symbol read our primer What is Symbol?

Below is a quick summary getting the XYM token:
  1. Get a Coinbase account for Bitcoin
  2. Choose an exchange
  3. Transfer Bitcoin to exchange
  4. Purchase Symbol (XYM) token
  5. Transfer XYM to wallet for secure storage

Symbol is scheduled to launch on January 14, 2021. At this time you must hold XEM in your wallet and opt-in to receive your XYM at launch. Learn more about opt-in. After launch the XYM token will be available to trade on select exchanges. This page will be updated as exchanges list XYM!

STEP 1. Get a Coinbase Account

If you already have bitcoin you can straight to step 2 and choose an exchange to buy XYM. If not Coinbase allows you to buy BTC or ETH from USD. Once the BTC is in your account send it over to your exchange of choice.

Sign up at ---> Coinbase (Get $10 in credit with this link)

STEP 2. Choose an Exchange

Below are the current exchanges that will both opt-in your XEM for XYM as well as list XYM at launch. This list will change, and is not an exhaustive list.

STEP 3. Transfer Bitcoin to Exchange

To be updated after launch of Symbol.

STEP 4. Buy Symbol (XYM) token

To be updated after launch of Symbol.

STEP 5. Transfer XYM to Wallet

Here is the link to the official Symbol desktop wallet.

Symbol wallet

You can use the Symbol block explorer to verify your tokens.

Congratulations! Welcome to Symbol!